Demolition works

The most important aspect of the demolition project is the planning phase. We appreciate your need to create a customized demolition plan that maximizes safety and efficiency. A thorough plan will also help us to assess costs, equipment needed, expected garbarage and project schedule.

The location, size, materials and condition of the building, as well as the design of the project, are all factors we need to take into account when creating the plan. Other considerations are as follows:

  • Topography
  • Communications
  • Hazardous materials that must be removed before dismantling, such as asbestos and lead
  • Contextual threats
  • Historical meaning of the building
  • Construction, fire and environmental requirements
  • Proximity to other buildings
  • Impact of the project on neighbors, adjacent elements and the environment
  • Seasonal conditions

Our team has experience in many demolition projects that meet the needs of many different clients, such as federal, municipal, industrial and corporate customers.

Complete demolition of buildings.

In the demolition projects of complete buildings, we will dismantle the ground and carry out the removal of foundations, basements and underground communications.


Partial demolition of buildings.

In partial dismantling projects, we will only remove required  part of building for the renovation or expansion. We can remove the contents of the structure or remove the walls from the buildings to build additions.


Internal demolition of the building.

In dismantling projects we carry out dismantling of internal walls, floors, and intermediate floors. If necessary, we remove the load-bearing structures.

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Preparation of the plot.

We remove the trees, growing area, concrete, demolition waste and garbage on the plot. We will transfer the plot to a flat, planned surface. If necessary, we raise the surface level by loading the ground.